Storied Hats

Storied Hats

Doo Dah Apparel has partnered with Storied Hats to manufacture the hats we love to wear almost every single day of the year. We’re big fans of baseball, and as far as we’re concerned, if you’re making baseball hats for a living, you can’t be all that bad of a company to work with.

Turns out, Storied Hats is doing something special in the hat industry. Cameron Blossom and Zach Maurin started Storied Hats because they wanted to design quality, sustainability, and fit into their unique styles. They use 100% recycled packaging, and their business is partially owned by women.

A closer look at their fabrics reveals a stretchy activewear feel that is machine washable. They magically weave eco-friendly materials into their hats including recycled plastic from oceans and landfills, hemp, recycled wool, organic cotton, used coffee grounds, algae biomass, and yes, believe it or not, even apple peel “leather”. The backstrap on every hat is made out of a plant-based “leather”. All of this organic matter gives Storied Hats a super soft and breathable comfort that nearly puts us to sleep while we’re reading the paper. Thank goodness for the caffein in our coffee!

Although some of the Storied Hats are manufactured outside of the United States, Cameron and Zach have made a particular effort to partner with an ethical manufacturer that is both certified by WRAP (World Responsible Apparel Production) and Faire Trade Certified. Storied Hats is making an effort to manufacture more and more of their hats in the United States, and they’re already using American labor at their Portland, Oregon facility to make their designs and artwork, including their patches, embroidery, and heat transfers.

Personally, we like embroidering our hats at Doo Dah Apparel. But for our next order, we plan on adding a patch of the American flag right above the organic leather strap on the back. We figure it might help to keep the birds from swooping down and chomping on the plant-based leather straps keeping our absolutely cool, cozy and totally awesome Storied Hats on our heads!

In the apparel industry, there’s no question Storied Hats is a company made for the story books.

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