Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a circular economy?  Where the entire economic system is based on recycling and regeneration of materials and products?  Well, look no further than EcoEnclose because that’s exactly what they’re doing!  EcoEnclose designs packaging materials with circularity in mind. 

According to EcoEnclose, the average American uses 4.5 pounds of waste every single day.  Of that, 30% is packaging materials made with plastics, aluminum, glass, and paper.  After being used just one time, nearly half of all packaging material is sent straight to a landfill.  Now that’s a problem EcoEnclose is doing everything in their power to solve.   

The vision at EcoEnclose is to reuse packaging as often as possible before recycling and repurposing it into new packaging, with the eventual goal of replacing all new packaging materials with recycled materials.  That means a 100% recycling rate with everyone doing their part to contribute. 

Education and support is the key to their endeavors.  Encouraging communities to increase recycled content is essential, including educating and incentivizing consumers about reuse and the importance of recycling.  They also work with public agencies and community organizations to increase circular infrastructure investments, and much much more. 

Even when recycling materials isn’t practical, it’s still possible to create a future utilizing regenerative materials, or materials that improve the environment and strengthen local communities through long-term carbon sequestration, improved soil health, and an equal, empowered and well-paid workforce. 

Yeah, that’s right.  EcoEnclose knows exactly what they’re doing, and we at Doo Dah Apparel are absolutely excited to have the opportunity to participate in their vision.

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