bluesign® was founded in 2000 by a Swiss textile company focused on developing a sustainable garment manufacturing system.  The system is an effort in the textile industry to create the lowest possible chemical and manufacturing impact by providing a roadmap to chemical suppliers, manufacturers, brands and retailers on how to lower their environmental footprint.

bluesign® partners with companies to help them develop sustainable approaches to doing business.  Before bluesign® will allow a business to carry their label, they send experts out to verify that the business is meeting the bluesign® CRITERIA, a criteria that varies depending on the industry of the company.  bluesign® is an all-inclusive, measured strategy to bring sustainability and social responsibility to the forefront of every participating company’s decision making process.

An interesting approach to ensuring a brand is meeting bluesign® CRITERIA is through the utilization of bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNERS in the supply chain.  There’s no better way for a company to ensure the responsibility of its suppliers than by partnering with suppliers that have already been vetted by bluesign®.  In philosophy that’s called a circular argument, and it’s fallacious in nature.  But in the textile industry a pre-approved supplier just makes good common sense. 

Essentially, bluesign® is a steward that guides companies in a socially responsible direction.  They focus on management systems to ensure the organization has clarity and purpose.  Product design is scrutinized to maximize sustainability and the materials used while limiting waste.  They manage chemicals, figure out ways to limit water use, and reduce energy use during production.  A synergy among bluesign® suppliers and businesses contributing to the overall vision of a better, healthier, more socially responsible economy is the lifeblood of the bluesign® model.

Whenever a consumer sees the bluesign® PRODUCT label they should know they’re getting a product that has been responsibly made with the environment in mind, and they’re purchasing something good that has been designed in their best interest.  Oh, and made by a company that has its employees at heart!  I couldn’t resist that last sentence.  It’s Valentine’s Day this week, after all.

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