While Doo Dah Apparel is particularly proud of our EcoEnclose packaging materials, we are also just as excited to be using Sendle as our shipping partner.

Sendle plants trees to regrow and maintain healthy forests that absorb carbon from the environment, and they contribute to programs that replace aging carbon producing equipment with newer and healthier technologies. Sendle partners with companies like South Pole to protect rainforest habitats, and to provide clean drinking water to communities in Africa.

Sendle’s projects include the Tasmanian Forest in Australia, the Teak Mexico project, the Alto Huayabamba project in Peru, Mount Sandy in Australia, and Keweenaw Bay project near Lake Superior in the United States.

A unique approach Sendle uses to avoid generating new air pollutants is to fill unused capacity in shipping trucks already on the road.

As a Certified B Corp, we know Sendle is doing the right thing, and we’re proud to partner with them as our shipping provider

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